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Why Can't I Be You?
Posted October 8, 2012 at 7:44 pm

A lot going on in this one...

1. This strip is based on one of the gag ideas I originally came up with back in the 90s. Only it was the Cure tour van that splashed Cassie.

2. Marzie is based on a woman that used to frequent the Lizard Lounge's "The Church" goth night in the mid-90s. She called herself "Marz", looked a little like Tori Spelling and liked to dye her hair all kinds of wild colors. And finally...

3. Those two clubgoers on the right are Roomie and Ramona from the webcomic "Go Get A Roomie!" (at gogetaroomie.com - randomly NSFW). Check it out... it's funny, crazy and sexy all at once.