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Another Episode of Mike's Time Machine!
Posted July 12, 2008 at 10:22 pm

A little birthday greeting for my pal Mike McFarland, whose birthday is on July 14th. This gag is based on a recurring sketch from Dead Comix Society and Section 8 Comedy, two comedy troupes that have had Mike as a cast member. The basic gist of the sketch was: that Mike had a time machine, and he would use it to gun down various people before they would even think up an idea that Mike thinks is horrible (translation: that the Section 8 Comedy audience would applaud if the idea was brutally squashed). The sketches basically go like this: 1) Person or persons think up bad idea; 2) Mike appears and machine-guns everyone dead; 3) Voiceover guy goes "This has been another beneficial use of Mike's Time Machine!", fade lights, end scene.

(And before you get the wrong idea, I personally have nothing against High School Musical. And neither does Mike, I'm certain.)