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About Last Night... 18 Years Ago... - Part 10
Posted June 26, 2009 at 9:08 pm

For those not familiar with southern collegiate rivalries... the University of Texas (at Austin) and the University of Oklahoma may have a good one going... but the bigger rivalry rests with the Texas Longhorns and the Aggies of Texas A&M University. (No relation to Penny & Aggie, by the way.) This one goes back over a century and can get downright vicious. Both sides even have popular, well-established fight songs that mention the other side in the lyrics. (Examples: "Texas fight, Texas fight, and it's goodbye to A-and-M..." vs. "The eyes of Texas are upon you, that is the song they sing so well... SOUNDS LIKE HELL!") And it all comes to a head around Thanksgiving when they square off against each other in football.