Wingin' It - Part 3

Part 3

Today we learn more about Cassie's educational background.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2002; Boston Hooters] (YCW) "Whatcha like to drink?" (MG) "I'll have a 'Sprite'.. and go ahead and get 20 wings with some fries!" (YCW) "Alrighty, I'll get that out for ya!" (MG) "Thanks..." (to himself) How random is this? I'm being served by the Cassie of the past! She's never told me about any of this. I should just stay cool and find out more about her. (YCW) "Here's your 'Sprite'!" (MG) "Thanks... So, Cassie... You live around here, or are you extra help for Super Sunday?" (YCW) "No, this is my regular job. But I'm actually a college student from Texas. I'm currently studying for my Masters in Physics at MIT." (MG) "Wow. So what's a brainiac like you doing in a place like this?" (YCW) "What's it to ya... You trying to flirt with me or something?" (MG) "No, we're just frien — Uhhh, I mean.. I'm in town to visit a friend of mine!"

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