Wingin' It - Part 1

Part 1

A new storyline begins today... with Matt wanting some Hooters wings and Cassie wanting to go elsewhere.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2002; Boston, February 2 – Super Bowl Sunday] (MG) "This was a great idea, Cass. Beat the summer heat and get our football fix at the same time!" (CW) "Not to mention witness all of Boston erupting in jubilation at their team's first championship!" [Note: She's actually talking about the New England Patriots, by the way] (MG) "Well, I'm hungry. You hungry?" (CW) "Starving. Let's find a good bar & grill before they start to get packed." (MG) "Hey, a 'Hooters'! Sweet. I'm in the mood for Hot Wings now!" (CW) "Uhh... You go right ahead." (MG) "Huh? You love 'Hooters'. Why don't you wanna go in?" (CW) "Cuz... Um.. I'm in the mood for... Baked Salmon! That's it! But you go and have fun!"

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