Playing Hide The Bazooka

Playing Hide The Bazooka

Cassie observes Memorial Day in her own unique way!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Good book, huh?" (MG) "Yeah, a lot of fascinating stories about the brave souls who fought in World War II." (CW) "And some of them were just heartbreaking. Like did you read the one about 'Lucky' Lenny Ross?" (MG) "Yeah, that was real sad. The guy never had a date in high school, was drafted right after he graduated. And he never got laid during his training. But he kept telling his Army buddies that he planned to 'Get lucky' in Europe. But he never got the chance. He was one of the first soldiers killed on D-Day." (CW) "So fuckin' tragic. What page was that on again?" (MG) "It starts on page 43, and... Hey wait a minute... I know it was on page 43, why is something else there? I don't get it. I know I saw 'Lucky' Lenny's story in this book, and now it's nowhere to be found!" (CW, with her shit-eating grin) "Exactly!" (MG, suddenly realizing) "You mean to tell me that you..." (CW, thumbs up) "...rode him like a Harley Liberator? HELL YEAH!"

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