Miami Time Machine - Part 9

Part 9

And with that, our Miami vacation story arc comes to a close.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1999; the plane ride home] (BG) "Man that was just TOO much fun to be had..." (CW) "Yeah, Matt sure looks all worn out. That girl from the '88 beach party must have given him a helluva ride..." [MG passed out against the plane window] (BG) "He scored with that chick?" (CW) "Yep. And the funny thing is, she'd be in her 40's now!" (BG) "Haha... Matt the Cougar Hunter!" (CW) "So what was up with that 2 Live Crew guy calling 'Sci-Fi Chick'?" (BG) "Well, as it turns out, I was such a memorable lay for them that they wrote a rap song about me!" (CW) "No shit???" (BG) "Check it out. This CD used to have thirteen tracks, now it's got fourteen! Go up to track seven...'Sci-Fi Pussy'!" [CW listens to the lyrics] She was a sci-fi bitch and her name was Beth, we fucked 'til she was out of breath!... She came outta nowhere in a flash of green, bitch bent right down and sucked my dick clean..." (CW) "Ooh... they called you 'bitch'..." (BG) "Coming from them, that's quite an honor!"

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