Miami Time Machine - Part 3

Part 3

In case you're wondering what the slogan is on the TerCon display, it's: "The Revolution Will Be Minimized".

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Miami Nano-Con! Cassie works the TerCon booth – "The Revolution Will Be Minimized"] (CW to random convention attendee) "Hi! Feel free to take some pens, frisbees, bottle openers, flashlight key chains..." (Convention attendee) "Cool, thanks! So... What's your company's main focus?" (CW) "Well, TerCon is mainly dedicated to developing nanotechnology and applying it to everyday life. Things like self-sharpening pencils, toys that can change color and fix themselves when they break. And clothing that is not only stain-resistant, but even stain-cleaning!" (CA) "Well, I don't doubt your enthusiasm for all this!" (CW) "Yeah, I've seen it all by going to the fu — Uhhh, I mean I'm fully aware of the potential nanotech has!"

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