Miami Time Machine - Part 2

Part 2

The sad thing is, I used to own a couple of Miami Vice-style sport coats. One was white and one was a light gray.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior shot: Miami International Airport] (CW) "Okay. Here's the plan. Over the next three days I'll be at the 'Nano-Con' from 10 to 6. Y'all are welcome to use the time machine while I'm working the convention. Just remember to be back at the hotel at 6 PM when you're done with whatever." (BG) "Got it." (MG, off-screen) "Ah-ight." (CW) "And Matt... Please save those clothes for 1985!!!" (MG) "So are you telling me the 'Miami Vice' doesn't dress like this anymore?"

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