The Movie Star... And The Others

The Movie Star... And The Others

I'm sure someone thought up a Gilligan/Lost gag scenario already... but hey, at least mine has a unique twist to it.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Gilligan) "SKIPPERRRR! You won't believe what I just found!" (Skipper) "What is it, little buddy?" (G) "Look!" (S) "You think there's anything down there?" (G) "A new boat would be nice..." [canned laughter] (S) "A boat can't fit down there, you idiot!" [MG and Cassie sitting on the couch] (MG) "I believe a certain "Lost" fan had something to do with this episode!" (CW) "I may or may not have dated a script writer in the 1960's..."

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