Jenny Everywhere, Who Can I Turn To

Jenny Everywhere, Who Can I Turn To

Please welcome to the comic the well-traveled Jenny Everywhere! Here it turns out she's ANOTHER famous "Jenny"...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1982] (CW) "Well, Matt, I see you've met somebody already!" (MG) "Oh, hey... Jenny, this is my friend Cassie." (Jenny Everywhere – first appearance in the comic!) "Hi!" (CW) "Hi, Jenny, I love that getup you have!" (JE) "Thank you! I saw that new Pat Benatar video on MTV and I thought that would be such a cool look for me..." (CW) "Well, it does work for ya!" (MG) "Very Hot!" (JE) "Awww, thanks. That means a lot to me. My ex-boyfriend Tommy didn't like it so much. He seemed a little creepy, anyway. Saying I'd be sorry I broke up with him and so on." (CW) "Um... This Tommy guy... Would his last name happen to be Tutone?" (JE) "Yyyeah, why... you know him?" (MG) "Jenny, what's your phone number?" (JE) "It's 867-53" (CW, cutting her off) "Get it changed IMMEDIATELY. TRUST ME on this one."

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