One In The Oven - Part 8

Part 8

Time to end this Thanksgiving episode, since we're halfway to Christmas by now.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Outside the Webber's house; FCW is saying goodbye to her brother and his GF] (PatW) "Bye, Cassie!" (FCW) "Bye! Have a safe trip home!" (Geri) "Thanks for having us!" [Back inside, PW is ready to tear his hair out] (PW) "What a day… I'm pooped." (FCW) "Well, my job's done here… Time to get back to my time!" (PW) "Any chace you can tell me something that happens in the future?" (FCW) "All I'm gonna say is… [activating her time machine] …Be grateful for everyone and everything you still have. Bye!" (PW) "Wait, WHAT???" [FCW disappears into a time window in front of her; simultaneously, a familiar FZZZT sounds behind PW] (CW) "Hello again!" (PW) "You know, I HATE it when you're cryptic." (CW) "Fishing for future spoilers again, huh?"

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