Headin' For The Nineties - Part 4

Part 4

Final part, and we're chock-full of 90s goodness here... Jay & Silent Bob, Judge Ito, Kenny, Princess Jasmine, MC Hammer, Braveheart, Rachel Marron and Joel/Servo from MST3K.

Oh yeah, and Zima guy.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The 90's Halloween Party] (Gordo, dressed up as Judge Lance Ito) "Rodney! Maggie! Y'all look great!" (RMO, as Jay, next to MHO as Silent Bob) "Snootch to the nootch, my man!" (MG and PW, doing their air guitar routine next to a guest costumed as Kenny from South Park) "Dunnnnh Dunnnnh Dunh Dunh Dunnnh…" (CL, dressed as MC Hammer, speaking to a guest dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin) "Yo Jasmine! We must shop at the same store!" (BG, with CW looking over the crowd – William Wallace, aka Mel Gibson, from Braveheart and a Rachel Marron, aka Whitney Houston, from The Bodyguard costumed guest) "What an awesome turnout! And it looks like everyone stuck with the nineties theme!" (CW) "I don't recognize all of the costumes, though… [pointing at a gentleman in a hat and white suit] Hey, who are you supposed to be?" [He turns as we see a Joel/Tom Servo costume in the background] (Zima Dude, holding up a bottle of… oh, GUESS) "Zay you're at a party and nobody recognizes you…" (CW, eyes rolling) "I had to ask…" (BG) "I gotta admit, that was a zuper idea!"

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