Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 16

Part 16

We wrap up this storyline now, and go out with a... groan.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW is at a Starbucks in the present day Metroplex with MG and BG] (CW) "Y'all met Merlin? …And slept at Stonehenge???" (BG) "I know! Is that crazy or what?" (CW) "So, did that little toy amulet last him the rest of his life?" (MG) "Yep! Once the secret service found out when he died, they managed to swoop in and recover it without incident!" (BG) "We did fast-forward a few years to see how Merlin was doing. Fortunately both he and King Arthur remembered us!" (CW) "Wow… Y'all were guests of the legendary King!" (MG) "We were treated like royalty… Well, as royal as you could get in the sixth century, anyway." (BG) "While 'Camelot' wasn't really the extravagant place everyone imagines, Merlin still lived quite comfortably!" (MG, with a sly look) "Oh yeah, he did let me take a picture of him… with a few things I brought with me, of course…" (CW, who knows Matt all too well, with eyes rolled) "Oh crap… What now?" (MG, over a photo of Merlin – with a cowboy hat, guitar and shirt) "Check it out… it's Merlin Haggard!"

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