Beth & Matt's Excellent Adventure - Part 1

Part 1

This storyline's gonna focus on those other two characters who've been with the comic from the beginning. I haven't gotten the story completely ironed out yet, so if you have any suggestions, they just might end up in here.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, seated on the couch with BG and the time machine) "When's Cassie and Philip supposed to be back?" (BG) "In about a couple of months." (MG) "And we've got the time machine all to ourselves in the meantime… Hmmm…" (BG, snatching it away from him) "Okay, don't get any wild ideas. I don't want to do any big time-trips. Let's just keep this safe until they get back!" (MG) "Oh come on… Isn't there anything you still wanted to do in London or Rome or something like that?" (BG, leaning into MG's shoulder – but still holding the time machine in her other hand) "Well, Europe does sound nice this time of year…" (MG) "Just think… We could go to France and spend a romantic evening at ze Casbahhh…" (BG) "The Casbah's not in France, dumbass." (MG) "Well, shit… Those cartoon characters sure made it sound so damn European!"

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