The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 14

Part 14

This storyline has been full of callbacks to other storylines, hasn't it?

And by the way, we're done with this one here. Time for our newlyweds to take their vacation.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The guests are watching the limo drive away] (Patrick) "Well, THAT was a wedding to remember!" (Geri) "A lovely location… and such a perfect day for it!" (CS, winking at her hubby) "Yeah, it's almost like Cassie could predict the weather or something!" (Geri) "Did Cassie mention where they were going for their honeymoon?" (JA) "I think I heard her say that they were going ot the Grand Canyon!" (CL) "Philip talked about Tahiti the other day…" (Katerli) "I thought they said they were flying to the Riviera!" (KS) "Hmmm… I think I know where they're headed…" (Stone) "EPCOT? That would make sense!" [CW and PW are getting off a certain train we've seen before…] (KS, in the background) "It's kinda similar to EPCOT, but I can't recall where it is." (CW) "You're gonna LOVE Paratopia, Philip! The weather's always perfect, and it's got a little something for everyone!" (PW, looking at the brochure) "'A former natural gas cavern'… Wow, I'm interested already!"

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