The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 2

Part 2

I just couldn't resist doing one of those "father of the bride flashbacks". (And I've a feeling that I'll be doing the same thing with my preschooler daughter one of these days.)

Here, of course, is our first glimpse of Cassie's wedding gown. And in keeping with the 600th strip, it is indeed based on a Monique Lhullier design.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The backyard of the Wells household, circa 1986; Dad just noticed that some of the flowers had been picked!] (Dad, to a pre-school CW) "Cassie, did you get into your mother's flower bed?!" (CW, holding the offending flowers, standing next to another neighbor boy) "Daddy, I'm getting married! I needed a bouquet of flowers!" (Randy, the neighbor kid, rockin' the Transformers t-shirt) "Don't look at me, this was all her idea!" (Dad, who's trying hard to stay angry – and failing) "Look, that's great and all, but…" (CW, tugging at Dad as we see Cassie has a sheet tied around her waist, and her stuffed animals are in kiddie seats in the back yard) "Come on, daddy, you have to walk me down the aisle! Randy, go down there! [Randy runs off to the side, as the little girl CW takes Dad by the hand] Okay, the wedding's about to start! You ready, Daddy? [Suddenly, we flash forward to the present – as we realize the present-day CW had been talking to him in the last panel] Daddy? You ready? [Present-day dad has a tear (or two) in his eye] Um… Are you gonna be okay?" (Dad, wiping away the tear as he looks at his little girl – in her beautiful Monique Lhuillier design gown) "-Sniff- You know, this would be a whole lot easier on me if those flowers came from our backyard."

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