The Time Traveler's Husband - Part 1

Part 1

Aaaand we're off! This all takes place on July 27, 2013, by the way.

We start with Agent Scott explaining to Bethany's parents what the VIP section is (or rather, isn't... no use telling them it's a spot for future generations to go back and reminisce about the wedding). They're both Catholic, so they'd probably be astonished if they knew who the girl sitting behind them REALLY was.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Big Day! KS is playing usher as Hazel, Michelle and Stone from RO3 are in the background] (KS) "Welcome! You're just in time. We'll be starting in a few minutes!" (Older Gentleman, who we discover is…) "Hi! I’m Delbert, this is Yesenia!" (Yesenia, who reveals that…) "We're the parents of the maid of honor!" (KS, pointing to the back) "Well, it's open seating here, you can sit wherever you want… except up front. Or in the hedge area on the hill in back." (YG) "Huh? What's up there?" (KS) "That… is our 'V.I.P.' seating. For our guests who need… SPECIAL accommodations." [FZZZT and FZZZT in the background as KS thinks to himself] And hopefully Cassie will keep in mind how many times the 'V.I.P. section' can be used. (DG, who has turned away and is pointing towards the front) "Okay… Oh, I see some good seats!" (YG) "It's such a beautiful day today!" (DG, who TMO has pointed out is Catholic, as is YG) "Yes… No doubt the saints have graced us with their presence!" [Of course, you know who's sitting behind them… Ms. Joan Arquette, who is oblivious to the reference.]

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