With Chicks, And Guns, And Fire Trucks - Part 2

Part 2

Nothing says Fourth of July like a burlesque show in Paris, right? :P

(Well, at least Cassie's bash is in America. Los Angeles, where Chippendale's started, to be exact.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1979; Club Chippendales, Los Angeles; Michelle is having a drink with MHO in the background left, while Nicki is looking on at another table at background right; a Chippendale dancer is talking to Ivy and BG] (BG) "I told you our bachelorette party would be something special!" (Ivy) "Chippendale dancers with seventies moustaches… you hardly see that anymore!" (Katerli, seated beside CW) "I wonder if Philip got creative with his bachelor party?" (CW, who has a blonde dancer "flexing" in front of her) "Knowing him? Oh yeah!" [1901, Paris, France; MG and the rest of PW's bachelor party are at a rather famous burlesque show run by one Charles Zidler] (Blonde Hostess, en Français) "Bienvenue a la Moulin Rouge!" (MG, in a tux) "Now this is high-class!" (CL, who is enjoying the company of another dancer as RC looks over his shoulder) "I've always wanted to wear a monocle!" (CJ, to PW – who has a cute redhead next to him) "So we can afford to go to Paris and back… and not miss any work?" (PW, lifting a cocktail glass to him) "That's the beauty of time travel my friend… Save time, make money!"

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