With Chicks, And Guns, And Fire Trucks - Part 1

Part 1

Another twofer, focusing on the bachelor(ette) parties for the two spouses-to-be.

From left to right, Philip's crew is Connor Leyman, Clark Johnson and Reggie Christopher. (Matt will join them later.)

And you may remember the Rule Of Three gang. Katerli is in the first panel, and Hazel, Michelle and Ivy are in panels 3-4.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Outside CW's house; Cassie is handing the time machine over to PW, as BG and Katerli from RO3 look on] (CW) "Here's my time machine. You can go as crazy as you want with your bachelor party… but I can trust you not to stick your dick into any other snatches, right?" (PW, taking the time machine) "I promise there won't be any hanky-panky, my love. [turns to his "bachelor party" – Connor Leyman (from 627), Clark Johnson and Reggie Christopher] And while we're on the subject of trust… Connor, Clark, Reggie… Yes, this is a real time machine. Nobody can know about this. If you blab to anyone, I know people who can and will fry your brain. Got it?" (All) "Got it!" (BG, with CW, meeting the rest of the RO3 girls – Hazel, Michelle & Ivy – inside) "It sucks that Wanda couldn't make it!" (CW) "Well, she doesn't know about my time-tripping, anyway." (Hazel) "Are we doing any time-tripping?" (CW) "Yes! My robot assistant has her own time machine!" (Michelle) "So you honestly believe Philip won't fool around on you, huh? Even if he can time-travel?" (BG) "Ohh, he knows that if he ever slips… We'll be going back and watching his every move."

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