The End Justifies The Means? - Part 4

Part 6

Time-altered memory can be a tricky thing. Just ask Ashton Kutcher.

Okay, enough serious drama... we got a wedding to celebrate! (And while we're on the subject, congrats to my gay/lesbian friends on the recent legal milestone!)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Mom, still on the couch) "Everything okay in there, sweetie?" (CW, who's recovered) "-Sigh- I guess so. Mom, do you remember that one conversation we had at the hotel? About religion and everything?" (Mom) "Why yes! Were you thinking I was gonna switch Gods? [CW has a seat next to her] Cassie, nothing's gonna shake my faith in Jesus, but rest assured I will be more open-minded from now on!" (CW, who's trying to find a reference point) "That's great, but… what about at the end there?" (Mom) "Well, you said you would do everything you can to help me…" [flashback to the scene in room at the clinic] (CW) " And you'd be amazed by all that 'everything' encompasses now." (Mom, who is now no longer aware she has a time-traveling daughter) "I agree. It's crazy what you can find on the internet these days." [Back to now: CW suddenly realizes what KS did to her memory of that moment] (CW) "Oh wow… All of a sudden I do remember it that way." (Mom, who's a bit confused - obviously) "What are you talking about?" (CW) "Um… nothing. The important thing is, you're still around."

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