The End Justifies The Means? - Part 2

Part 2

And we're back to Cassie's mom not knowing about her daughter's time travel.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Inside CW's home; Mom is watching some TV as CW and KS have a little "conversation" about what's going on] (CW) "What happened? Did something go wrong?" (KS) "Well… She had no problems with the medicine or therapy… But then she started asking too many questions. At first it was just stuff like 'Did she get her younger self out of trouble?' [And the answer is – "kinda"; go back to strip 120-122] Then it turned into 'Why can't she stop all these disasters and wars from happening?' [Flashback to Mom's room at the clinic; KS is recalling the questions she was having as he explains] Or 'She could be curing cancer and lots of other diseases way earlier in time, so many lives could be saved!' It was affecting the space-time fabric… and her general health. [back to the present time] So I had no choice but to wipe her memory of all the time-travel talk and action." (CW, who's starting to become a little distraught) "So… she remembers nothing?" (KS, in the background, explaining what he did as Dr. Vera engaged in one of her "sessions" with Mom) I preserved as much of her memory as I could, time-jumping back to precise moments and sneaking the neuralyzer in. [CW looks out the window, distraught and angry at this revelation] "I'm sorry, Cassie… But we'll have to keep your mother 'outside the circle.' At least you'll still have her in your life, cancer-free and all."

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