The End Justifies The Means? - Part 1

Part 1

And we're back with Cassie's mother and Agent Scott.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Phone call for CW!] (KS, over the phone) "Hey Cassie, it's Agent Scott. Your mother and I are a few minutes away." (CW) "Oh, awesome!" [Mom, her hair starting to grow back under the Texas Rangers cap and walking with the help of a cane (and KS beside her) as CW comes out to greet them] (Mom) "Hi, dear!" (CW, with arms open) "Mom! You look great!" (KS) "Yep. We're all through with the therapies and the cancer treatments!" All that remains now is to drop her back off at her home, so she can get ready to be the mother of the bride!" (CW) "See, I told you that medicine from the future would help!" (Mom) "Oh, there you go being silly again…" [CW shoots a look at KS] (KS) "Ummm… We need to talk."

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