Alone In A Crowdsourcing - Part 2

Part 2

In that little flashback, that's NOT Sadia... just some random girl that worked for Desiree (and Nikolai) back in the day. But we do get to see Hope, Faith and Sara right there at the end. And yes, little Miss Avelina gets the honors.

(By the way, here's a guest strip that I did for AIAC a few years ago.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Flashback to 10 years ago and the Boston Hooters; a younger CW is talking to an also-younger Desirae, who is with a blonde bimbo and a gentleman – who appears to be a "director" (Nikolai)] (Desirae) "Can we please film some scenes in your restaurant? Every other place around here has turned us down!" (CW, who isn't quite sure about this) "Well, I do lock up tonight… If y'all can wait until then.." (Desirae) "Yay, thanks! I can't pay you a lot right now, but I promise I'll do any kind of favor you wish!" (CW, who isn't interested in starring in any of Desirae's "films") "Hmm… I can't think of much right now, but I'll hold you to that!" (Desirae, back in the present) "Ah yes… 'Hot Wings and Spread Eagles' wasn't a best seller, but it helped my studio pay the bills! So whatcha like, sweetie… A starring role in an adult film? A new car? A trip to Europe? A boudoir photoshoot? I can do a lot now, within reason…" (CW, over the phone) "Oh, nothing extravagant… But it would involve a trip to Dallas. I'll pay airfare." (Desirae, winking at Sadia) "Oooh, 'Cassie Does Dallas'? You wanna direct a film, maybe? 'Sadia's Southfork 69' has a nice ring to it!" (CW, who probably realizes Desirae's mind is firmly in the gutter) "I'm flattered, but no, nothing in your trade. Do you have a daughter or a niece that would like to be a flower girl at my wedding in July?" (Desirae) "Ohhh, I think I know someone…" [The rest of the primary cast of Alone In A Crowd, reacting to Desirae's question – as we look on over her shoulder] (Faith Morgan, whose "cat ears" are visible, standing next to her sister Sara) "NO WAY! I do not want to be the center of att-" (Hope Avelina, who is not only up in arms, but is screaming) "I'LL DO IT!!!!" (Sara, standing between them, very uncertain) "As long as I don't have to pay for anything…"

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