Alone In A Crowdsourcing - Part 1

Part 1

At first I was like "Oh crap, who's gonna be Cassie's flower girl?"

But then I was like "Hey, let's give the cast of the currently-dormant Alone In A Crowd some action!"

This'll be a quick two-parter; we'll see the AIAC folks again during the wedding.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [TerCon front desk; BG and CW are discussing the wedding] (BG) "Well, it looks like all the nuptial pieces are falling into place!" (CW) "Yeah, but… I still don't have a flower girl." (BG) "Oh yeah. And we don't know anyone who has a girl in the ideal age range, do we…" (CW) "Philip's lucky. He's got a seven-year-old nephew who agreed to be the ring bearer." (BG) "So… What now? Do we look into people from high school? College?" (CW, thinking) "That would seem a bit awkward… [suddenly, an idea!] Wait… I think I know someone! From my years at MIT in Boston!" (BG) "Really? Great!" (CW, tapping away on her iPhone) "It's a long shot, but at least it's a good place to start. And she does owe me for something." [And the scene changes to a place called… Passion Studios???] (Desirae) "Desirae speaking!" (CW, via phone) "Hi! This is Cassie… I'm a certain 'Hooters' girl that you made a promise to some ten years ago…" [Another woman is wiping… something… off with a towel as we see a camera in between the two…]

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