Paradise Losers - Part 13

Part 13

Eve's look comes courtesy of the late, lamented Of Snakes And Apples by Denise Guinn.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; A stranger has emerged from the shadows – a dark-skinned woman with blonde hair???] (PW) "Um… Cassie? Weren't humans supposed to not be around for another 38 million years?" (CW, who has her hand raised in the universal symbol of "no harm") "Oh crap… Who is she??? You think she's hostile?" [No, she's just "heavily augmented"] (ND) "Silly people, don't you know the REAL Eve when you see her? Okay, actually this is a more recent depiction of Eve…" [Or at least the webcomic "Of Snakes and Apples" version of Eve] (PW) "Wait a sec… That voice…" (CW) "NICKI!!! Are so glad to see YOU!" (PW) "I'm just glad it was you who found us and not Agent Scott!" (ND, opening a handy-dandy cooler from her torso) "Here, have a nutrient drink! (handing it to CW) I got the text message from Cassie about the experiment. And when you two didn't come back at the time you proposed, I went to Wichita Falls and started my search." (CW, as PW downs his nutrient drink) "You didn't have to make all those changes to you appearance, though… Wow!" (ND) "It's really no big deal. My hair and skin are easily customizable, and clothing was obviously not a concern." (PW) "Okay, well, can we get the fuck out of here now???" (ND, turning and activating her internal time machine) "Sure! That row of stones was your original entry point, right?" (PW) "Yes! That'll get us back to our hotel room!" (CW, her snarkiness returning) "Hmmm… I'm kinda tempted to leave cave drawings…"

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