Paradise Losers - Part 11

Part 11

That's right, I just went there.

Yep, Cassie splashed some mud on Philip. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; Things have gotten worse in Paradise; CW and PW are laying on their leaf bed, though CW is visibly upset] (PW) "Cassie? I'm not mad. I still love you." (CW, eyes shut) "Ecch. Don't look at me." (PW) "You're not gonna scare me away, dear. You're too sexy for that." (CW, curled up in the fetal position) "You're not supposed to see hairy armpits on me! UGH… I feel like shit." (PW) "Well you know what? Even in this condition I still wanna fuck you!" (CW) "SERIOUSLY? I am SO not in the mood Philip!" (PW) "YOU? Miss Overactive Libido?" (CW, staring off, still in the fetal position) "That was eleven days ago. When I could still shave and wash my hair and all that! [kneeling] And even if I did get boned by a caveman, I was still freshly groomed… oh SHIT…" (PW, suddenly concerned) "What? What???" (CW, trying to get up) "I gotta get to… [SPLUT] AGGHHH! I'MSORRY I'MSOSORRY…" (PW, sitting up – and covered with brown all over his crotch) "Well, that desire's gone… ulp… I'm gonna puke…"

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