Paradise Losers - Part 7

Part 7

After all, no Adam-and-Eve-type story is complete without a little diarrhea humor, right?

By the way, don't expect Cassie to sprout a lot of hair down there. She got that area lasered into a permanent "landing strip".

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; CW is munching on something that looks like a banana while PW is doubled over, sitting on a rock] (CW) "Are you okay???" (PW) "It's been what, a couple days? I don't think this extreme-organic diet is agreeing with me… ughh..." (CW) "Oh crap, I guess the Omnimmune injection wasn't enough!" (PW) "It's okay… I'm sure it was based on known diseases." (CW) "Yeah, whatever crud is going around here was probably extinct by modern times!" (PW) "No doubt… [springing up and sprinting] OHSHITI'MGONNASQUIRT…" (CW, who's no longer sure this was a good idea) "Sweetie? We can just go back now if you want to!" (PW) "No, I can stick it out for a few more days… GANGWAY!!! [off-screen, thankfully: SPLUT] SHIT… I'm not gonna make it to the river…" (CW, doing the first facepalm in 60 billion years) "Aw, Philip…fucking hell…"

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