Paradise Losers - Part 6

Part 6

Just thought I'd give them a little romantic break this time around. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; CW is in the water up to her thigh, looking back at PW] (CW) "The water's a bit cool, but at least it's not shockingly cold!" (PW) "If there's any acacia or yucca plants around, we could use that as soap!" (CW, pointing at some rock downstream) "Now remember… This is where we're bathing. NO SHITTING IN THE WATER unless you're past those rocks!" (PW, standing next to her) "Gotcha! [PW sneaks up behind CW, fondling her] Oh, and speaking of 'gotcha'…" (CW) "Mmmm… You're getting quite frisky there, mister." (PW) "Well, I say we should enjoy each other's company now, since it won't be long before our lack of shaving makes certain things less desireable." (CW, who just realized what that meant) "Ouch. Good point."

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