Paradise Losers - Part 5

Part 5

Into each outdoor-living premise a little rain must fall. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [60293241 BC; CW is laying on ground covered by leaves, while PW enters with more in hand] (CW, laying on her front) "Hopefully this'll be comfortable enough for both of us." (PW) "Yay for big-ass leaves! [Is that a PUN, Mr. Webber?; next scene is him doing the old rubbing sticks and flint routine] And… we have flames! All my years in Boy Scouts have indeed paid off!" (CW, looking on from the side) "Good, we can cook some of this stuff now! I wonder what kind of fish are in the river…" (PW, a realization suddenly dawning on him) "Oh yeah, we'll have to catch 'em with our bare hands, won't we…" (CW) "Let's find some more sticks to keep the fire going. You never know what's gonna… [RUMBLE] …happen." [And the rain falls] (PW, a little drenched) "I guess this wasn't when you did your preliminary check?" (CW, who's looking all wet – in more ways than one) "Note to self: NEVER skip a day in my observations!"

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