Trying Hard To Look Like Gary Cooper

Trying Hard To Look Like Gary Cooper

Matt gets a little inspiration from Cassie.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, on the phone with CW) "Hey Cassie, I'm about to go get my tux. Which store did Philip pick for us?" (CW, over the phone) "Actually, he didn't register anywhere. We decided that the guys could just wear a basic black tuxedo and a black bowtie. Nothing fancy. [CW is laying on her couch with Mascus on her lap] So it doesn't matter where you go for the tux, as long as it's a reputable place." (MG) "Hmmm… Well, in that case, can I borrow your time machine?" (CW) "And why would you need that?" (MG) "Well, I heard from Bethany about how you got a sweet deal on a Lhuillier gown, so I figured…" (CW) "You figured you'd try and outdo me?" [1964; MG's being fitted for a tux at a "reputable place" – in New York City] (Bill Blass) "How does that look, sir?" (MG) "Excellent, Mister Blass! Well worth the 80 bucks!"

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