Alternative In The Family

Alternative In The Family

So far we've seen a new "Knight Rider", a new "Charlie's Angels", a new "Hawaii Five-O"... so hey, it could happen.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - PW and CW are doing a little "sing along" "Boy the way Van Halen played…" (CW, wearing glasses as she plays the keyboard) "Video games in mall arcades…" (PW) "Guys like us, we had it made…" (Both) "Those were the dayyys…" (CW, over an exterior shot of her house) "And you knew where you worked thennn…" (PW) "Jobs were here and not Shenzhennn…" (Both) "Mister we could use a man like Ronald Reagan againnn…" (PW) "Didn't need Facebook updates…" (CW) "Everybody pulled less weiiiight…" (Both) "Gee, our old Trans Am ran greaaat… THOOOSE WERRRE THEEE DAYYYS!!!" [Cue the canned applause] (PW) "So you really think someone's gonna reboot 'All in the Family', huh?" (CW) "Hey, they're throwing any old show at the wall these days!"

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