Decisions, Decisions - Part 4

Part 4

We end the storyline with a visit to one Miss Lhuillier. Who by the way is about the same age as me. And she's dressing up brides and movie stars. :P

Anyway... oh look! We're at 600!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1996; Suite 600 of a building, in Los Angeles, perhaps?] (Monique) "Hi, are you Billie Preston?" (CW, who knows EXACTLY who she's dealing with) "Yes, you must be Monique! My friends referred me to you, and I must say you have some fabulous wedding dresses!" (Monique) "Oh, you're too kind! I just started doing bridal gowns this year. I really haven't made a lot of them…" (CW, pulling something out of her purse) "Well, I definitely love what I've seen so far… [handing her a stack of cash] …and I have two thousand bucks with your name on it if you'll make something wonderful for me!" (Monique, aka Monique Lhuillier, wedding dress designer for the stars – in the future, of course) "Sounds like a deal! Let's get started!" [Back to 2013] (BG) "YOU? Skimping on a wedding dress?" (CW, holding the dress in a clothes bag) "Well I'd hardly call a couple thousand dollars 'skimping.' Besides, my dad insists on paying for everything, so I might as well get the most famous-name bang for my buck!"

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