Cassie's Bucket List #3

Cassie's Bucket List #3

I've had this particular gag in mind for a couple months now, but until now I hadn't come up with a good way to present it.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - CASSIE'S BUCKET LIST "#3 – Take a mid-70's road trip complete with CB radios." [1976] (CW, in a "little red Corvette") "Breaker Breaker! This is Reverse Cowgirl calling Filthy Sanchez. Come in, Filthy Sanchez, you got yer ears on?" (BG, in an old Ford F-100 pickup) "Reverse Cowgirl, this here's Filthy Sanchez. That's a big 10-4, I'm puttin' the hammer down!"

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