Decisions, Decisions - Part 3

Part 3

Cassie's not that much into adhering to all those bridal traditions out there. But at least she's in good company in the comics world (along with Samantha from the syndicated strip Safe Havens and Mimi & Thea from Girls With Slingshots). I'd put Edda from 9 Chickweed Lane in there too, if she didn't have her wedding gown already.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW and BG are shopping for dresses – with Mimi and Thea from GWS in the background] (CW, looking at a strapless gown in the mirror) "Ehhh… Nah. It's just not me. Too plain-Jane." (BG) "Well, even the plainest dresses get spruced up a little on the big day!" (CW, walking with BG as they go back to the changing room – and Samantha from Safe Havens is looking at a dress in the foreground) "What do you mean?" (BG) "Well, you know that old saying… 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.'" (CW) "What's all that about?" (BG, thiking out loud) "The old symbolizes cotinuity with the past, the new for optimism and hope for the future… The borrowed thing is from a married friend or relative, in the hope that their luck will carry over… And blue used to be the color of love and purity." (CW, who now has on a one-shoulder gown) "Can I please go back in time and kick the living crap out of whoever made these stupid traditions???" (BG) "Ooh, there's no telling how many years back luck that would bring ya…"

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