Decisions, Decisions - Part 2

Part 2

I need to think of some better things for Mascus to do.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Dad shows up at CW's place] (Dad) "Hey there, darlin'!" (CW) "Dad! Well, this is a surprise!" (Dad) "Just paing through to see how your big wedding's coming along!" (CW) "I've got a date and a location. That's pretty much it right now." (Dad) "Good! Well, when it's all over, just send me the bill for it. I'm sure you'll kepe it sensible." (CW, who probably has other plans) "What? NO, Dad, I can pay for it all…" (Dad) "No, I insist! I've saved up especially for this occasion, and your mother's taken care of, so money's no object!" (CW, still not sure about this) "Wellll… I guess it's okay…" (Dad, patting her on the back) "Don't worry about nothin'. In fact, if there's that one major extravagance you want, I'll buy it! Horses, limo, ice sculpture… [Dad sees Mascus laying on the couch] Maybe a little tux for your, uh… iguana there…" (CW) "He's not an ig… Um… Never mind." (Mascus) "RAWWWWNK!"

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