Party Like It's 9-9-9999

Party Like It's 9-9-9999

Who knows what kind of exclamations people will be using in the 23rd century... you know, "Zounds!" didn't sound too out of place a century ago.

Have a happy '13!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW, at a table with CW, is looking at his watch at a NYE party) "Well, the new year's almost here." (CW) "Yep… And we won't have to deal with those crazy same-numberdate guys anymore!" (PW) "At least not until 2022, anyway. And we'll still have to deal with those folks who'll be posting at 9:10 on November 12th, if you catch my drift!" (CW) "Heh… Yeah." (PW) "You think people will still be obsessed over numbers and dates far into the future?" (CW) "Oh yes. I've seen it myself!" [2222; a rather strange looking gentleman is projecting the time and date holographically from his "glasses" as two others – and CW – look on] (23rd Century Guy) "Alright, it's February 22nd, it's 2:22, and it'll be 22 seconds in three… two… one… BWAGEEAHH!"

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