Moment Of Truth - Part 8

Part 8

Time to end this storyline... and to begin the load of planning this thing's gonna take.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, snuggled up on PW's lap on her couch) "I love you, sweetie." (PW) "I love you, Cass." (CW) "I'm so glad you're here now." (PW) "Same here… Though I still gotta get the rest of my stuff out of my place in Lubbock, of course." (CW) "Plenty of room for all of it here! This house has been way too empty since Beth left." (PW, who isn't looking behind the couch) "So do you think we'll stay together until we're old and wrinkly?" [CW turns to see a familiar face – FCW, who is nodding as another person stands behind her: Future Philip Webber!] (CW, looking innocently at PW) "I… think we have a pretty good shot at it."

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