Moment Of Truth - Part 7

Part 7

Of course, while Nicki is taking care of the wedding details in the comic, I'm gonna be the one planning everything. At least I won't have to shell out a fortune since the whole thing is fictional.

I do know the wedding will be sometime next year, and (a little fair warning to the Hoganator) I may invite other webcomic characters for a cameo-appearance event. Stay tuned!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG is THRILLED to hear the news!) "EEEEE!!! Oh how EXCITING! So, have you set a date yet?" (CW, showing off the ring) "Not yet… But one thing's for certain, you're my FIRST choice for main of honor!" (BG) "Awww, thanks… But doesn't the maid of honor have to do all the planning for the wedding? I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it…" (CW) "Chill out! You won't have to do much. Nicki can handle all the mundane details!" (ND, who has joined the conversation) "You'll be please to know that I do have much experience in this area. I planned a wedding for my previous owner's daughter!" (CW) "See? All you have to worry about are things like approving designs and getting your dress! That's it!" (BG) "What would we ever do without her?" (CW) "Doing what every other wedding party would be doing… and losing our minds in the process!" (ND) "Just call me 'Bridezilla Repellant'!"

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