A Mother Of A Dilemma - Part 8

Part 8

Look on the bright side, Cassie... you indirectly helped your mother out by keeping their finances safe. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, talking to Dad in front of the family photo – and she's not sure how to bring something up) "So… What are they saying… I mean, how long… uh…" (Dad) "You don't have to use the kid gloves on us, Cass. Her doctors aren't giving her any projections just yet. They want to try a couple more treatments first. And we've got the money to pay for them, so don't worry the least bit about us. [hugging her] Just go back home and keep living your life. It's all that we can really do right now." (CW) "Okay.." [Exterior shot of the house, with Dad waving from the front door; to herself] – Sigh- If only y'all know how much more I could do.

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