A Mother Of A Dilemma - Part 6

Part 6

Time to hit the reset button...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, who is now realizing this was NOT a good idea) "MOM! CALM DOWN!" (Mom) "Back off!!!" (Dad, who heard the ruckus) "Carla? What's going on here?!" (Mom) "She's doing some kind of WITCHCRAFT, BOBBY!" (Dad) "My GOD, Cass! What did you do to her?!" (CW, opening her purse – and not to grab the time machine) "Will you just LOOK HERE?!" [turns away, closes her eyes, activates the neuralyzer and thinks to herself] Dammit, y'all leave me no choice… [FZZAP] (Mom, who is lost) "Uh… Cassie?" (Dad, who is equally lost) "Why am I in here…?" (CW) "Mom, I think you had… a muscle spasm. Everything's okay, just get some rest. (to Dad) Dad… Let's go sit down. You're getting too stressed out, you nearly fainted!" (Mom, meanwhile, is sitting up in bed – and notices something) "Could… someone get me some more tea?"

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