A Mother Of A Dilemma - Part 4

Part 4

What better name for a brand of cancer-eliminating medicine than the one synonymous with fighting breast cancer? We can only hope a cure is found in the next several years, let alone a hundred.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2105; CW is at her friendly neighborhood ReadyRemedy kiosk] (CW, to herself) Let's see… "Komenator"… Ovarian Formula. Better make it flavorless so I can put it in Mom's drink. [2012, Tyler, Texas; CW has shown up at home for a "visit"] (Dad) "Well, hey, girlie! This sure is a surprise!" (CW) "Hi daddy! How's mom doing?" (Dad, in front of the family photo) "She's resting right now. Those treatments sure wear her out, make her delusional at times." (CW) "Okay, I'll just leave something for her." [CW enters the bedroom and sees her mom asleep on the bed. A table is beside the bed with a mug] (to herself) Oh good, she's got her cup of tea. Now I just need to put this in without her finding out. [CW opens her purse, but doesn't see that Mom has opened her eyes – until she's pouring the ReadyRemedy formula into her tea] (Mom, sitting up with a start and swiping away the tea mug suddenly) "ARE YOU TRYING TO POISON ME?!" [The mug, tea and the ReadyRemedy packet go flying as a surprised Cassie is surprised!]

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