A Mother Of A Dilemma - Part 3

Part 3

It's sometimes hard NOT to reference the more popular time-travel works in this situation.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [KS is getting out of his Escalade disguise as CW and BG watch] (KS) "First of all, with most of those cancers, no one's been able to determine any exact cause of them, and some of them are even hereditary." (CW) "Well, mom's got ovarian cancer…" (KS) "And that would be one of those with the unknown causes. It would be a waste of time to figure it out. Also… You've seen 'Back To The Future', right?" (CW) "Right!" (KS) "So I shouldn't have to warn you about the extreme dangers of meddling in your parents' past – especially before the birth of your brother. The only thing I can suggest is you convince your mother to take some medicine from the future." (CW) "So you're saying nothing will happen if I tell mom about my timetraveling?" (KS) "Well, I'm sure she can keep a secret as well as you can, but just keep in mind, revealing something like that to you parents could potentially raise some negative trust issues. Tread carefully. And do keep your neuralyzer handy."

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