She Has Given Us A Sign!

She Has Given Us A Sign!

IT'S... an appearance by all the Monty Python blokes!

I was honestly doing this as another Olympic-related gag. It wasn't until I was putting the comic together that I found out the release date for "Life of Brian" was August 17, 1979.

So there you go. Timely on two fronts.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1979; CW is at the world premiere of an English film – but it's not just anyone who's at this premiere] (Eric Idle, who is standing next to fellow Monty Python members Terry Jones and John Cleese, to CW's right) "...So you HONESTLY believe that one day I'll be singing my 'Bright Side of Life' song as part of an Olympic Ceremony?" (Michael Palin, who is standing to CW's left, next to Terry Gilliam) "That's very flattering, miss, but I'm afraid you've gone bloody mad!" (Graham Chapman, who stands on the far right) "Even if it's possible, I'll be a sodding old man before that ever happens!" [Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes, can't it, Brian?]

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