The Last Go-Round - Part 6

Part 6

Yes, I know there are some female artists who partied hard on the road... but I didn't feel like getting into specifics (and opening myself up to ill will from any ladies I would've named).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior of a hotel in the north Metroplex; PW and ND are discussing his "plan of action"] (PW) Okay… So, where to begin?" (ND) "Let's do this. You make a list of all the women you were attracted to in your youth, and I'll evaluate it." (PW scribbles down some names on a sheet of paper, handing it to ND) "Here ya go. What do you think?" (ND, reading the paper) "Unfortunately, there's not much of a chance at all that you could score with anyone on this list. They'll either have been married, going steady with someone, or just 'not that kind of girl'. That last one especially goes for those who lived before the 20th century." (PW) "Wow… Not even the rock stars?" (ND) "These artists on your list aren't known for sleeping with groupies, unlike their male couterparts." (PW) "Damn. Human nature is such a cock-blocker!" (ND) "Well, don't expect ME to relate."

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