Extremely Small Soldiers

Extremely Small Soldiers

Yep, it's NanoCon time again! I decided a change of venue was in order... so NanoCon has moved from the Miami Beach Convention Center to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. (Which means it would be closer to a certain webcomicking friend...)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [NANOCON 2012 in Miami; Cassie and Rodney are speaking with a special guest at the TerCon booth] (RO, speaking over an exterior view of the Miami Convention Center) "Cassie, This is General Lee Dodge. [pause here for the groan] He's an assistant to the Defense Secretary at the Pentagon." (CW) "Pleasure to meet you, General!" [The TerCon Booth – "Nanotech Solutions For Your Life"; a convention attendee is in the background] (GLD) "Pleasure's all mine, Cassie! I understand you're developing some nanotech applications for possible military purposes!" (CW) "Well, everything's still on the drawing board, but the U.S. would definitely be first in line for whatever we produce! [RO is in the background watching a "robot" move around their booth with the sign, "FOLLOW ME TO TERCON BOOTH 527"] Think of millions of tiny smart drone missiles searching out and spying on secret bases, destroying weapons, disabling soldiers, freeing captives, and they completely self-destruct when finished, so there's no chance of the enemy learning about them!" (GLD) "Sounds pretty cool... I wish we'd known about your company sooner!" [The robot turns towards CW, still holding the sign after RO and GLD have moved on...] (Robot, who is really... aw, come ON, you've read THIS far, right? You should KNOW it's KS) "Well, SOME of us Government Agencies do know about the military possibilities of nanotechnology!" (CW) "And when, Agent Scott, were you gonna tell them?"

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