Everybody's Learning How

Everybody's Learning How

This strip's a little "thank you" to Joseph Houk, who's done a lot involving this comic, the latest being transcribing most of my TLT comics (which can now be found on the comic pages themselves), as well as starting TLT's TV Tropes page. Here I've included his "Johnny Surf" cartoon character in a "Gumpification" involving Brian Wilson. Thanks again, dude!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1962, the beaches of Southern California; MG is walking with a surfboard wearing a painters cap with a flap – which wasn't in style back then – with CW beside him; a guy in shades next to a woody (a 1946 Pontiac Deluxe Woodie Wagon) is chuckling at Matt's attire] (J. Surfazio... Hey, where have I heard that name before?) "Hey dude! What's with the Safari Cap?" (MG) "Well crap... I thought this was in style by now!" (CW) "You're about a couple decades off, dumbass!" [Meanwhile, a guy behind the wagon is thinking to himself...] (Brian Wilson – yes, THAT Brian Wilson) A "Surf Safari"? Hmmm, I should do a song about that! [The sign on the back of the woodie:] LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES! J. SURFAZIO SURFING LESSONS - REASONABLE RATES! - DIAL HOUKVILLE 1-0227 [... Wait, WHAT was that phone number again???]

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