Behind The Necklace - Part 16

Part 16

I'm hoping the health care political crap is nice and settled by 2205, so Cassie can get her instant diagnosis and prescription for a low price.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2205; Cassie tells of her first visit to NYC of the future] (CW, continuing her story) So while Matt and Bethany went to get the new battery for the time machine... (Power Palace saleslady – with the Persis Khambatta look) "This should last twenty times longer than the battery you have. And to charge it, all you have to do is expose it to the sun for about fifteen seconds!" (BG) "WAY Cool!" (CW, in front of a "Symptomatic" booth) ...I went to find out exactly what the hell was ailing me. (SymptoMatic Machine) "Please step inside the booth and remove all clothing from the genital area." [Medical Examinations in seconds! Scan & Diagnosis $10 This booth is sanitized] (CW, to herself) Not much of a bedside manner.. (SMM) "Please remain still as the probe scans your vagina." [NOW SCANNING Please remain still] [WHRRRR] (CW) "Ulp..." (SMM; screen reads "Your prescription is ready Please take Rex-Tab") "Our scan shows that you are infected with gonorrhea and herpes. Please take this Rex-Tab and proceed to the nearest medication vendor of your choosing" (CW) "Aw fuck... Don't tell me I've got this for the rest of my life!..." (SMM) "The prescribed medication 'Viradicate' will eliminate from your body viruses like herpes, H.I.V. and Influenza." (CW) "Wow... Medicine's come a long way!"

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