Behind The Necklace - Part 15

Part 15

It MIGHT be possible for a man-made island to show up off the coast of Brooklyn in the next couple of centuries.

(Not to mention it might be possible that a certain online artificial-intelligence entity would start out as an informational system for the Big Apple. Paging Dr. Hogan...)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2205; New York City skyline] (CW, continuing her story) The next day, after Matt got the time machine charged up again, I decided to go two hundred years into the future. (MG, off-screen) "Well, it looks like New York hasn't changed much. No 'Fifth Element' double-stacking or shit like that." (BG) "I do see a lot of new skyscrapers, though!" (CW, talking to BG and MG) "Focus, people... Where do we get help? Does the internet still exist?" (MG, pushing a button on a little device on the curb) "This looks like some sort of information thingy..." [A holographic image appears – a very familiar one for fans of a certain spacebased webcomic] (A2-Z) "Greetings! I am the A2-Z comprehensive information system. How can I help you?" (BG, holding up the time machine) "We... uh... need a new more powerful battery to fit in this... antique cell phone of ours." (A2-Z) "You can get a solar-fusion hybrid battery custom-made in minutes at 'Power Palace'." (MG) "Cool! Where's the nearest location?" (A2-Z, projecting a map of NYC holographically) "The nearest 'Power Palace' is located at 216 Cumia Drive [Anthony Cumia, from Opie & Anthony], under the Wilkow Bridge [Andrew Wilkow, SXM radio host of the Wilkow Majority] in the borough of [Rudolph] Giuliani. The holographic info-tab will show you the way." (MG, bewildered) "Wilkow Bridge? Giuliani?" (MG) "Let's take the... (looking down at the "thing" in his hand) info-tab and follow it. Cassie? You coming with us?" (CW, staying back a moment) "Yeah! Just a minute... (to A2-Z, after the two are out of hearing range) Um... is there a free clinic nearby?" (A2-Z) "I do not know of any existing free clinics. However, I can give you directions to the nearest diagnosis scanner booth."

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