Behind The Necklace - Part 14

Part 14

Some of those phone models have really elaborate charger plugs that aren't easy to find, even at a Radio Shack. Not a problem for Matt and his electronics expertise, though.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1978; New York City] (CW continues the story of their first time-travel journey) We agreed to meet up at a spot in Central Park the next day, and that's when we found out that... (BG, holding the time machine) "This time machine's dead." (CW) "Matt, you got the charger?" (MG, in the "I'm a Pepper" t-shirt) "shit! I left it in 2005!" (BG, wide eyed) "We're STUCK HERE???" (CW, incredibly angry) "WHAT THE fuck?! How are we gonna get back to OUR time?!" (MG, holding a hand up) "Chill out, people! I can rig this to charge with no problem... I just need to find a 'Radio Shack'! (puts it around his neck) We only used this... what, two or three times?" (BG) "Okay, once this thing's running again, I say we go a hundred years into the future and find a better way to power it!" (CW) "I second that!" (BG, wiping her brow) "Yeah, I'm itching to get out of this burning heat wave!" (CW, with stars coming out of her crotch) "Speaking of itching and burning... I don't like what I'm feeling downstairs..."

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